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New Chassis to Australia

CoffsKart is a new kart to the Australia market - brought into Australia by Troy Brown of Using his 30 years+ of experience and partnering with Croc Promotion has lead to a well made high performance karting product.

Aesthetic Revolution Design

In terms of materials, a lot has been taken from the previous Croc Promotion venture, whereas the graphics and colour scheme has been completely renewed. 

New Features and Technical Modifications

The CoffsKart by Croc Promotion chassis is a awesome product to have a baseline to start with, new features and technical modifications, especially with regard to materials, which have been analysed and optimised, even taking into account the tyres that will be used.

Troy Brown

I created The Kart Shop to support local karters on the Mid North Coast of NSW, to get into karting, to progress in karting and to enjoy karting. With over 30 years of experience in the sport it was time to give some back. A wealth of knowledge and enjoyment to give to those that want to listen.

We are here to supply you with the right equipment, teach you how to maintain and service your equipment and then teach you the right way how to race and enjoy the sport.

We offer track setup days for complete new packages and training days for those that want the edge over their rivals.

Bringing in a new chassis into the country has been a challenge and has required extensive testing, analyzing and experimenting, but to join forces with Croc Promotion which is such a progressive and modern outlook to the way things should be done has been amazing.

We believe the kart is a great product and performs well. 

Based in Coffs Harbour NSW it was only fitting to give the chassis a local feel and look -plus its name.


Troy Brown

The Kart Shop & CoffsKart 
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